Climate science has been a major talking point, and a source of the major controversy in 2019. Sceptics and supporters have gone head-to-head on the realties and potential solutions to the ever-changing environments of planet Earth. One thing climate scientists have advocated for is a change in attitude towards the consumption of meat, particularly beef, as mass farming is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. Earlier this year, the journal The Lancet: Global Health published a guide on how to eat sustainably.

These guidelines recommend maintaining a diet rich in fruits and vegetables; getting protein and fat from plant-based foods; unsaturated oils from fish; and carbohydrates from whole grains. The major issue with these guidelines are not available, but affordability. According to a further study in The Lancet, the most affordable green diet would cost around $2.84 per day. Based on world income statistics, that remains unaffordable for more than 1/5 of the world’s population – approximately 1.68 billion people. It appears as though much more research evaluation of this topic is required before finding the perfect balance.

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